“Someone read my mind!!! This is an awesome app for tracking macros.”

“Love it Small learning curve and easy to use.Have seen great results! By far the best app of this type and well worth the money.”

“I have already tried this app on 2 people and they got great results in 2 weeks. I like the fact that now they have off season as well as clean diet. The only thing missing would be to have multiple user capabilities. I have to keep changing information between me and family members. Thanks for putting together this app and making it a little easier for those who can’t afford a trainer.”

“It’s working… Awesome!!!! This is the same kind of info I used to pay a nutritionalis. And that cost about $100 a month and delivered results in a year took me from 285 to 205 lbs. For the last year I have been eating the wrong foods and back up to 218. After 1 week I’m now: 211. I walk 2 to 3 miles, do light weight routines, and a push up & sit up routine daily, occasionally having a bad day. I’m looking forward to seeing what it does once I’m at 205 again! Update: please add email address into new app! I can’t send suggestions!”

“The design is awesome, and the charts that show calories from macros are really handy. It’s fast, easy to use.”

“I have been using this App for about a month the update is great just what was needed love it!!!

“I really needed an app like this. I don’t mind the limited food choices. I have found in the the past that too many options slowed me down. It’s easier to choose, plan and go. After the competition is over I can let up a little, but for now the choices are great.”

“New user Great App. Very informative and goal driven. Makes it very easy with weight programs for each day including food, proportions and timing if food.”

“Covers all the bases Saves me a hella lot of money and contains and covers a lot more than a solo trainer”

“Great App. Very informative and goal driven. Makes it very easy with weight programs gor each day including food, proportions and timing if food”

“Perfect app.! This app is great for beginner’s, intermediate, and higher level bodybuilding. It has a great guide line in meal planning and spreading out your diets. I usually don’t give reviews, but this one is worth my opinion. Enjoy guys! And good luck :)”

“:) Killer app”

“I think this is the very first serious app for dieting.”

“Excellent app takes all the thinking out of dieting After downloading I had one issue with it, the lack of a “shopping list” so I could ensure I had all my food choices in the cupboards to prevent any detraction from the diet. I fed this back to the developers & they emailed me a list a day later & say it’s a great idea & something they’re going to work on. I look forward to seeing it, I’m sure it’ll be top notch like the rest of the app.”

“Gaining Muscle Just dowloaded the app and I like the diet set up. This is how all people should eat. Now I need to make sure I follow it! ;)”

“So far dropped 1 pound after a few days of use.”

“I think best diet app for the money.”

“So far, so good… The way the app is setup, it seems user friendly and self explanatory. So far, I’m giving it five stars, just for the way its laid out and for how helpful it seems it will be. Hopefully over time, it won’t let me down. Only time will tell. Definitely worth trying out tho. Thanks for this app guys!! Much appreciated!”

“Excellent Really good app. Tells you what to eat for 6meals per day and gives you a choice”

“Great App! I have been waiting for something like this! I love this app.”


“Impressive yet a bit rigid I really enjoy this app, especially when paired with a workout app such as jefit. I love how the diet changes depending on what you’re working on that day and the meal suggestions.”

“Very good application”

“Definately worth it Great app!”

“Overall good app I have submitted feedback twice, and both times they have replied. One problem they fixed right away, the other wasnt so much of a problem but more of a suggestion.but still they replied.”