Carb-cycling.  The App uses a methodology of managing your diet called “carb-cycling”.  What this means is on certain days of the week, your carb intake will be higher than others (and your protein and fat will change slightly as well).  This is one reason Bodybuilders can achieve very low bodyfat % while gaining large amounts of muscle.  The App logic is the following:

”Low Carbs”:  Sat & Sun
”Medium Carbs”:  Mon, Tue, & Wed
”High Carbs”:  Thu  & Fri

Total Calories.  Do not try to calculate and manage to a total calorie number.  Attempting to add up Carbs, Protein, and Fat numbers from the App will underestimate your total calories.  The methods of managing your diet used by the App trump viewing your diet as total calories.

Carbs, Protein, Fat.   The intention of the App is to not have crossover macros between food groups. The App counts a food as a Carb, Protein, or Fat even though most foods will probably have some of each.  For example, natural peanut butter has 15 grams of fat per serving, along with 2 grams of carbs and 2 grams of protein.  Do not worry about those grams of carbs and protein for this food, the App will just use the 15 grams of Fat.  The App will take care of helping you manage accordingly.  Here is a food list of the foods you’ll see used in the App.

Portions.  Portions of Carbs, Protein, and Fat are determined off of you Lean Body Mass (weight minus bodyfat), which the App calculates.  You will also notice for each day and meal, the list of foods for you to choose from can change, which is by design.  Here is a sample diet.

Meal Timing.  Follow the times suggested each day by the App.  By design, the App does not allow you to move meals or change the three hours between meals.  As this my seem “rigid”, it is important to maximize results.

Vegetables.  Green vegetables are encouraged for your meals as indicated by the App.  These do not count against your daily carbohydrate goals.  In essence, they are “free” calories.

Water.  Drink at least 75% of your body-weight in ounces of water each day.  (E.g. 170lb athlete would drink one gallon/day).  If you can drink more, that is bonus.

Caffeine.  Coffee/caffeine is fine in moderation (consult Physician) and is commonly used among athletes.

Spices.  Use of spices/mustard is permitted and encouraged.  Pay close attention to carb & fat grams, should not exceed 1 gram/serving.  Here is a grocery list of spices to have on hand: salt, pepper, Lowry’s seasoned salt, cinnamon, Mrs. Dash spices (various flavors), spicy mustard, Frank’s Buffalo hot sauce, and many others.

Post-Workout Meal.  Only use Post-workout meals immediately after weight training.

Protein Powder.  Whey is typically recommended for after weight training.  Whey or other protein powders are acceptable at other times of the day – as dictated by the App.  Carbs/serving of protein powder should not exceed 5 grams.

Precision of Measurement.  It is a good idea to use measuring cups and/or a food scale.  However, do not stress over a couple of grams of carbs/protein/fat going over based on measurement, but strive for consistency in how you measure.

Metabolism.  It is very important to follow the App’s recommendations, timing, and portions. It will keep your metabolism moving fast, which will help maximize fat loss and also signal muscle growth.